Our market place is direct and growing. We specialize in helping seniors who are on fixed incomes, understanding the importance of full coverage and the value of supplemental benefits.

Heartland National stands ahead of the industry by providing:

  • In depth training in product information and presentation development
  • A support staff that is on call to assist and coach
  • A proven Lead system
  • Preset appointments
  • An established selling infrastructure
  • Sliding commission to insure your income increases with effort
  • Decreasing appointment costs enabling you to create additional income
  • The most competitive products
  • Ownership of territory
  • Exclusive product representation
  • Opportunity in our DCD, our dedicated consultant division may be available.

The senior market is growing faster than ever, and the need to help seniors understand the complex healthcare programs is at a high demand.

Never before has an opportunity to grow your equity and help people been so clear and rewarding.

With the baby boomer getting ready to investigate programs in healthcare and not enough specialists to assist, it is now time to understand the importance of Heartland National Life.

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